Saturday, 18 July 2009

What is it with Warblers

This was the second Saturday in a row I've been able to get out with my camera - and it seems now to be working perfectly. Any problems now are firmly behind the camera! Today I returned to Bushy Park. It's my old stamping ground, but I've not been there much recently. To start off with there was not a lot going on. A large number of Jackdaws, but not much else. Eventually, however I encountered a large group of long-tailed tits feeding young. They were being their usual hard-to-shoot selves, flitting around rapidly, hiding behind twigs and then flying every time I moved to get a better angle. I did manage a few nice shots - this one included.

The other catch of the day was this warbler shot. Problem is, I'm never very good at identifying warblers. They all look the same to me! My initial thought through the lens was that it was a whitethroat, but looking at the picture I'm now wondering if it is a garden warbler.

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