Sunday, 31 May 2009


Weymouth is a surprising place. At first glance it's just a bustling seaside resort. Not the kind of place I normally choose to stay. However, in the Lodmoor and Radipole RSPB reserves it has two outstanding wetland bird habitats. Lodmoor is home to a breeding colony of common terns and that was what drew me there. However, both reserves are packed with interesting birds to see, including several varieties or warbler. There are plenty of reed warblers chuckling away in the reed beds. Louder and more distinctive is the call of the Cetti's warbler. Neither of these birds like to show themselves. In contrast the whitethroat seems happy enough to sit on top a tree and sing in full view.

It was also good to see sedge warblers. This particular bird ran me a merry dance before finally emerging long enough for me to grab a few pictures.


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