Monday, 25 May 2009

Not so common terns

When I first arrived at Lodmoor on Friday, I thought I'd made a mistake. I was expecting a large number of common terns - but there were none in sight. So I contented myself with a walk around the lake. It was a beautiful day and the warblers were out in force. In fact there was plenty to see. But no terns anywhere. Finally I bumped into a friendly RSPB employee - who informed me that the terns were a little late breeding this year - and as such were all out at sea fishing. "You should have been here on Wednesday - there were over a hundred!" she enthused.

Fortunately for me I did manage to catch up with the terns on Saturday afternoon. Having by this time seen that there were a couple sitting on one of the islands I waited and eventually about twenty more returned. It wasn't exactly the display I'd been hoping for - but it was terns and the light was perfect. None came near enough for any close-up flying shots, but I did manage a number of group shots as they chased off various intruders.

All in all, despite continued issues with my 1D MkIIN (having been 'repaired' by Canon it still exhibits exactly the same problem) it was a successful weekend. I'll post up some of my warbler shots in a day or two, once I've had time to go through them.

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  1. Hi,
    This is a beautiful image and it is nice to see some rare birds some time. Well done for it!


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