Saturday, 25 July 2009

On Japanese Anemones

It's been quite a wet summer. Bad news for holiday makers, but good news for plants. My parents garden has been overtaken by a mass of Japanese anemones. So prolific they are almost a weed - but they have beautiful flowers which attract a lot of wildlife. This morning they were alive with hoverflies - often five or six to a bloom.

Better yet, after last night's thunderstorms the light this morning was perfect for photography, and the ideal opportunity to see how the 24-105mm performs at the macro end.

The budlea was doing well also. This morning it was covered with painted ladies and some smaller, white butterflies. The 24-105mm proved slightly too short for the latter as every time I approached they fled. This evening I had another look and there were six or seven peacock butterflies (but the light had gone). Note to self. Take a longer lens home next time!

On an unrelated note, I have recently popped up a new slidehow featuring some of my Falkland Island penguin photographs on YouTube.


  1. Beautiful photos! I can almost smell the sweetness of their blooms.

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