Thursday, 9 July 2009

BlogFocus 5: Bogbumper

The fifth edition of my BlogFocus feature brings me to Bogbumper, the blog of Cambridgeshire-based (self-described) 'nature-fiend' Katie Fuller. Bogbumper is another blog that is difficult to sum up in a few words. Katie is quite prolific - seven entries already in July and I'm only writing this on the 9th! The blog bounces (or should that be bumps?) around all manner of nature, birds, insects, flowers and mammals. There was even a fascinating post in April featuring pondlife!

Backswimmer by Katie Fuller

And, as you would expect from this series, Katie is also a photographer. The blog is liberally peppered with interesting photographs. I particularly liked the colour and composition of this image of a mating pair of azure damsel-flies.

Damsel Flies by Katie Fuller

Another blog which is well worth the visit - and with so many entries in a month you're pretty much guaranteed to find something new each time you do!

Images in this post by Katie Fuller. Reproduced with permission

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