Thursday, 16 July 2009

BlogFocus 7: Wildlife Photographic Journals

For the last post in my scheduled BlogFocus series we come to Wildlife Photographic Journals, the blog of Richard Steel. As the name suggests, in Richard's blog the photographs take centre-stage. The images are much larger than most blogs feature and the quality is remarkable. Richard uses a Canon 500mm lens (handheld!) and really demonstrates what this lens is capable of. His images are sharp and vibrant, with interesting subjects beautifully separated from the background.

Redstart by Richard Steel

I love the energy in this photo of a cormorant (from his recent seabird-safari entry).

Cormorant by Richard Steel

And I am massively jealous of his feeding juvenile swallows. This is a stunning sequence of images - well worth checking out.

Swallow by Richard Steel

So this is the last - but by no means least - planned entry in this little series. I've enjoyed writing them and hope to return to the idea periodically as I discover more blogs which catch my eye. In the meantime, happy blogging everyone and thanks to everyone who has allowed me to feature their blogs.

Images in this post by Richard Steel. Reproduced with permission

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