Wednesday, 1 July 2009

BlogFocus 4: Peter Beesley

The fourth installment of my BlogFocus series features the work of Peterborough-based photographer, Peter Beesley. Peter is an enthusiastic birder and prolific blogger (check out his profile for an impressive list of all the blogs he runs). Peter's Portfolio is his birding blog and has been running since 2004. Over the years Peter has posted up lots of photographs from across a wide range of species - making this a very interesting blog to dip into and a hard blog to represent with just a few images! However, highlights for me include his recent image of a redshank.

Redshank by Peter Beesley

One of the reasons I like Peter's Blog is it is nice to see someone getting great shots of smaller, common birds which many other photographers ignore. For example his shots of Dunnocks (in beautiful light) from back in March.

Dunnock by Peter Beesley

I'd also recommend checking out his flight shots of skylarks. Now that cannot have been an easy series of shots to get!

Images in this post by Peter Beesley. Reproduced with permission

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  1. Hi,
    Yes he has a very impressive blog! very nice and sharp pictures...


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