Saturday, 11 July 2009

Abstract London

Some time ago I was looking back over my website and realised that whilst I've been concentrating on wildlife photography, my favourite images are abstracts - many of which I took with my Minolta A2 when I was finding my way in digital photography. So today I set myself the challenge of shooting some more. I don't have the Minolta any more - but my 1D MkIIN is now back from Canon and I recently picked up a secondhand 24-105 f/4 so I headed into London armed with these.

It was not an ideal day for photography - the weather was distinctly grey with intermittent drizzle. My initial plan had been to head towards the Gherkin, but in the end I just let my feet lead me. It's quite enjoyable to wander aimlessly in London. There's so much to see. Every street corner becomes a choice. Eventually I found myself at the back of Fleet Street - which is where the best images of the day came from.

I'm not sure that they are up to the standard of my Minolta images, but I had a great time. Definitely something I plan to repeat - hopefully on a day with more dramatic skies and better light! The good news is that the 1D performed flawlessly, so I am now hopeful that the recent repair has indeed fixed its problems...


  1. Nice shots!

    I lived in London for 4 years back in the early 90's and I didn't take a single picture of anything.............those were obviously my rock 'n' roll years......

  2. My favorites are often abstract, too. Many of my best wildlife images are more abstract and have a greater sense of mystery, but I find the average viewer responds more strongly to the more literal images, so I show less of the abstracts.

  3. Photographs were you can't make out quite what it is at first glance are some of my favorite.
    And I agree, London is full of photographic opportunity!

    Nice to meet you. Thanks again for stopping by.

    btw...Great photo's through out


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