Saturday, 24 July 2010

The one that got away

Well, I had a great few days up in Northumberland, and saw lots of interesting things - including my first ever Sandwich Terns. However, although the forecast rain mostly held off the light was seldom good enough for photography. To add insult to injury the day I was in Seahouses the boats to the Farnes were not sailing due to poor sea conditions. So most of my reasons for going that way will have to wait for another time.

Instead of heading out to The Farnes I spent the day meandering along Bamburgh beach, dodging the jellyfish (I have never seen so many in one place). When I got into Bamburgh itself there were a large number of swallows feeding on the wing a few inches above the grass. I positioned myself on one side of the green and watched their antics for nearly an hour. They are so fast I was rarely able to even take a shot - but by some miracle I did manage to get two in focus shots out of the encounter. Not the best - it was quite dark so I really pushed the ISO to get a decent shutter speed, but I was rather pleased to have managed it at all.

Flying Swallow


  1. Absolutely breath-taking,the first photo is, and the other is a great snap of a bird in mid-flight too!

  2. Fantastic photo of the Swallow


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