Saturday, 31 July 2010

Gateway Butterfly

I'm always very pleased when I come away from a 'non-photography day' with a decent photo or two. Yesterday saw me "hunting bears" in the woods with my two-year-old godson (with me fill the roles of both hunter and bear). On our return, we found a patch of bracken which was alive with butterflies - including a couple I've never seen before.

The gateway butterflies rarely settled, and startled easily - but after a bit of patient stalking we managed to get a few shots.


  1. You never know when you'll have a great subject to capture. It makes sense to always have a camera with you, at lest a point and shoot one. Great photo!

  2. Oh what a beauty and the way it is lit on the foliage, makes a great presentation~

  3. Wonderful photo, thanks for sharing.

  4. This is such a beautiful photograph of butterfly and I like that you caught it in your photograph.I do appreciate for this.You have done a good job.


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