Thursday, 8 July 2010

Black is the new black...

Today I felt inspired to give the Quantum Tiger blog a bit of a face-lift. Just a few tweaks to the layout and colours (or shades of black). And to celebrate that here is an image of a suitably black bird too - taking full advantage of the newly increased width!

This was taken a few weeks back. Various circumstances have curtailed outings with the camera on recent weeks.


  1. Is that a Little Cormorant (Microcarbo niger)?

  2. Hi Amila; its a Phalacrocorax carbo which is the only cormorant we get in the UK.

  3. New layout is great Ian.
    BTW we do have 2 sub species: P.c. carbo and P.c. sinensis but ID seperation is not always easy.
    Helpful link:

  4. I love basic black and your layout is stunning and the Cormorant is wonderful, showing off the true rich feather colourations, with the use of natural lighting available. Wish, I had the nerve to change my layout. My fortune would probably lose everything...Have a great weekend~

  5. Thanks for the correction, Frank, I should know better than to make definitive statements! I'm still more of a photgrapher than a birder... :-)

  6. Thanks also everyone for comments on the layout. It is really only a tweak on one of the blogger standard layouts, so I can't really take any credit. But I'm pleased it looks smart!


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