Sunday, 4 April 2010

Back-lit Dunnock

Since the accident I've rather fallen off from my posting schedule. This is partly because I've not been out much with the camera - and partly because of other preoccupations. Sorting out a new car. Sorting out the insurance on the old one. Other such niggles!

Today however, I made it across to Kempton Nature reserve - and despite dire predictions regarding the weather this weekend, it was actually a lovely afternoon. Not a lot going on while I was there, but it was nice to be out in the sun. With not a lot of activity on the water I contented myself with shots of small birds. The highlight of the afternoon was this back-lit dunnock which came in to feed directly in front of the hide.



  1. Well I hope things are gonna be better for you soon, and that you will eventually find a new car!!!
    Meanwhile you managed to get a nice picture ;-)

  2. Glad to see your getting about Ian, great shot of the Dunnock.

  3. Thanks guys. Things are looking up. Chris, I have the new car now. Just occupied a couple of weekends getting it.

  4. Great to read you again Ian ! Hope things would be better for you with spring arriving :)

  5. Nicely posed Dunnock. Time to start hunting down a few migrants. Glad to hear your back on four wheels. FAB.


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