Sunday, 18 April 2010

Even a volcanic cloud has a silver lining

I do feel sorry for all the hundreds of people who are stranded with no planes, but this weekend has been so peaceful! Even better, the weather has been gorgeous, so I've spent a happy couple of days in the local park. The birds seem to be enjoying the quietness as well, with lots of singing and unprecedented flurries of activity. Yesterday I had nearly twenty minutes with my local kingfisher (foolishly I had no camera with me at that stage - although it was never really close enough for a decent shot)!

Today I'm pretty certain that I managed my first chiff-chaff. It didn't sing, so I'm not entirely sure - but there were a lot of them around and in appearance it fits the bill.

I was also entertained by a pair of yellow wagtails. Hopefully I can return to get a better shot of them later in the week now I know where they are.


  1. Hi Ian,
    Two beautiful pictures!! Well done!!! I guess you can say thanks for the lack of tourists... Want more ash ;-) i can send you more by blowing on this volcano!! wait for the big one man, if this one starts, you will see what is a volcanic eruption ;-)

  2. The darker colour legs are the usual ID giveaway Ian. Nice shooting.


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