Saturday, 10 April 2010

Pochard Portraits

The last few days have finally been beautiful. Spring has truly arrived this week! Today I got up early and headed to Bushy Park. Always a wildlife hotspot, today it seemed extra specially busy, as if the birds were as excited about the sunshine as I was.

I took quite a lot of pictures today, but I was especially taken by this pair of pochard portraits. There were a small group of red crested pochards swimming out in one of the ponds. Once I sat down they became bolder and this male swam almost right up to me.


  1. Hi Ian,
    Both images are fantastic and the second one is very funny too, looks like he is angry! Looks at his gaze, wow gorgeous...

  2. This pics are beautiful ! I love those red crested Pochards - the males are a real beauty !

  3. Nice light and crispy detailed shots. A beautiful color as well and a sense of natural feeling!


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