Saturday, 3 January 2009

On the significance of small things

The New Year got off to a dull start. Two days of grey overcast which stopped me taking photographs, but not seeing a lot of wildlife (including my first water vole!). Today, however, dawned bright and clear. Freezing cold - but great photography weather. I spent a happy morning in the park seeing and photographing a number of small birds.

As I was heading off in search of some lunch I heard a wren call in the bushes. I've seen a lot of wrens in the last few days, so I could have walked right by. But I chose to stop. I'm so glad I did. I never found the wren but what I did find - in the tree right by me - was a female sparrowhawk. I've never had much luck with sparrowhawks. They are birds that other people see. That non-photographers manage to take photos of in their back gardens and tell me about afterwards. Today, however, she was all mine.

It is surprising how many times that happens. I hear or see something common or insignificant and when I stop to look at it, I find something far more interesting. Of course, now I've broken the jinx I'll probably see sparrowhawks everywhere - but I don't mind that. They are beautiful birds.


  1. Beautiful,

    Blessings of peace, Maithri

  2. Great shots! I had a Sparrowhawk in the garden a while back but almost broke my neck running for the camera!


  3. Hi, some very good shots you have around here. Very nice texts, too! Hope I can keep stopping by. Congratulations. Rúben Neves

  4. Thanks for all the kind comments


  5. I like how she is staring at you intently in the bottom photograph.


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