Saturday, 10 January 2009

On goldcrests and cold weather

I don't know whether it is just the absence of foliage on the trees, or whether the nose-diving temperatures of the last couple of weeks have increased the urgent need to feed, but everywhere I go at the moment I seem to see goldcrests. The cold weather has to be tough on Britain's smallest bird.

This morning, in a snowy Crane Park, I saw several at very close quarters. So intent on feeding where they that they seemed completely oblivious to the close passage of several dog walkers. Whilst too dull for photography, it was fun to watch them - and nearly as nice to return to my centrally-heated flat!

Here is a shot that I took last week in Bushy Park.


  1. Great shot of the Goldcrest. We were out for a walk the other weekend and walked past a group stood under a tree with bins pointing skywards. On the way back we overheard the conversation and realized they were watching Goldcrests. We did see them, just, tiny black silhouettes buzzing about.


  2. We have a similar bird over here called the Golden Crowned Kinglet and they spend much of their time up high in the conifers. But now that it is often cold and frozen they seem to be foraging together low in the canopy and close to the ground. Perhaps its where they can only find food this time of year?


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