Saturday, 24 January 2009

On winter sunlight...

Winter is my favourite time of year for photography. It may be cold and mostly gloomy but when the sun does make an appearance it is the best kind of sun. Low and warm - at least in light if not in temperature. Today I spent some time in Central London. Before the sun came out I was shooting abstracts. Late afternoon, however, as I came to Trafalgar Square the sun broke through. The sky was still quite grey - but the light was perfect for some moody black and whites.

And then as I crossed the Hungerford Bridge I spotted the lengthening shadows on the embankment. Another great opportunity for black and white.


  1. Your long shadows are great in black in white. There is a lot of depth to your photo.

  2. ...very cool photos. I liked seeing the sun through the water. It looked like crystal in the enlarged version and reminded me of an abstract angel. Loved the long shadows, especially with the focus on the family of four...has the feeling of energy.

  3. Interesting post. Like the shadows photo.


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