Sunday, 21 December 2008

On the passage of time

It hardly seems possible that it is a year since my Falklands trip. In fact, this time last year I was spending my last day exploring Gypsy Cove near Stanley - avoiding the minefields and having a chance encounter with a crested caracara.

The year has flown. Photographically it has not been a great year. Poor light has dogged most of my trips and poor health has limited their frequency. Nevertheless there were some truly memorable moments. Perhaps the wildlife highlight of the year was witnessing several families of tree creepers feeding their young on the banks of Loweswater last spring. What seemed to be just a fluffy bulge on a tree trunk was suddenly transformed by the appearance of several hungry beaks. I'd all but forgotten it until sorting through some unprocessed photos. I must have spent well over an hour watching them - mostly with binoculars because it was pretty dim. But I did get a few shots including this one.

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  1. Good Capture on the Creepers. We have brown creepers here in WA State but I have yet to see their chicks. Wishing you lots of light in your picture taking in 2009. The winters over here are quite cloudy and rainy and so I am usually out and about in Nature between the storms.


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