Monday, 22 September 2008

On perception of reality

One person's mundane is another person's extraordinary. This weekend I visited the National Wetland Center, Wales (near Llanelli). It was a stunning day. Lots of interesting birds to see - including a number of little egrets. I've only ever seen one before - briefly, in Salisbury a year or so ago. Certainly I've never got a camera to one. From one of the hides I could see three of them - all too distant to make a reasonable photograph. As I commented on this fact to my companion someone overheard and asked what we'd seen. "Just the egret in the rushes," I said. "Oh. I thought you'd seen something interesting," they replied.

The next hide we visited was empty and right outside it was another little egret. Over the next half an hour or so we watched as it zigzagged ever closer. At the end of it's approach it afforded me some excellent close-ups even if the light was not in quite the right place to make every shot count. I don't care if they're as commons as sparrows on the west coast - for a city-dweller like me this was a real treat.

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