Sunday, 30 May 2010

Terns on my doorstep...

This time last year I made the trek down to Weymouth to photograph the common terns at Lodmoor RSPB. Yesterday I went for a walk in the rain at Bedfont Lakes (about four miles from my house) and discovered that there is a group of common terns nesting there. This part of London never ceases to surprise me!

Today the weather was rather nicer so I returned with my camera and spent an hour or so in the presence of these graceful birds. I love the shapes that the make as they fly - but they are rather unpredictable which makes them a challenge to track! Now I know that they are there I expect I will return to see them again.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Firstfruits of project kingfisher

Lack of blog posts recently has not been due to a lack of photographs. I've been a bit busy! In fact I have a fair few new shots to post up from the last couple of weeks. However, I'll get the ball rolling with a couple of shots that are hot off the press.

In recent weeks I've found a rather friendly kingfisher in my local park. In fact I can reliably guarantee to see it every time I visit. On a couple of occasions it has sat for extended periods of time in full view. Never when I had a camera to hand of course. So today I set out to redress that. In the space of three hours it flew by no less than seven times and settled twice. On neither occasion was it quite as close as it has been in the past - but I still managed a few shots. These are both cropped fairly aggressively - but I'm pretty happy with the results!