Friday, 13 June 2008

On tranquility

One of the many highlights of my Falklands trip was sitting on the cliff-top near the Rookery on Saunders Island watching the albatross. Before I went to the Falklands I must admit I thought that albatross were 'just big gulls' - and I'm not a huge fan of gulls. But these birds I found absolutely captivating. They seem so gentle and serene compared to other sea-birds. My abiding memory is twenty or more albatross gliding over my head so quietly that the only sound I could hear was the gentle woosh of air flowing over their wings. It was so peaceful I could have stayed there forever.

A few days later, on West Point Island I saw my first albtross chick.

Apologies for taking so long getting these pictures up. A bout of ill health, followed by my computer failing have all served to delay my editting process. Hopefully more images will follow soon!