Sunday, 19 September 2010

Pembrokeshire birds of prey

I've just returned from a fabulous week at St David's in Wales. Even in September the Pembrokeshire coastline is alive with wildlife. The weather was pretty fantastic too although it was windy enough to blow over my tripod and damage the lens mount on my trusty 400mm lens. Fortunately the optics seem fine and the lens still focuses, but both it and the 7D will have to go in for repair at Fixation this week.

Also, fortunately that it happened the day after a close encounter with a peregrine, and not the day before! I'm loving the fact that I can just spin the dial to one of my custom modes and be all set up for flight shots!

St David's is well-placed for an exploration of the cliffs and the RSPB reserve on Ramsey Island. For anyone making the trek there I heartily recommend Amber Cottage as a base. I could not have asked for a better place from which to conduct operations!


  1. fabulous photo, peregrines are so handsome

  2. Hi. Ian stayed a my B&B [Amber Cottage] while he was in St Davids. Lovely, lovely guest and fabulous photographer - and he has very generously left me lots of beautiful photos of our local wildlife to add to the many taken by other guests that already grace these walls.
    Thank you again, Ian. Come back in the spring!

  3. That is an amazingly brilliant image and like yourself so glad that you were able to get the capture before the tripod accident. I will be traveling for next 2 weeks and I am so hoping my laptop works better than my desktop has been performing here lately. Always something in the mechanical world. Take care~

  4. Beautiful in-flight shot of my favorite falcon Ian! Another successful conservation story of a bird brought back from the brink of extinction here in the U.S.


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