Saturday, 4 September 2010

The needy sparrowhawk

Yesterday as I was wandering round the woodland gardens I could hear a bird repeatedly making a keening sound. I was pretty sure that it was a young bird of prey, but the area it was coming from was quite dense woodland so I thought it unlikely I'd find it. After about half an hour, though I realised I was getting close so I had a good look up in the trees and spotted what was clearly a female sparrowhawk in the top. As a I watched another came in and the two flew off together. After a scuffle one of the two settled on a dead tree in full view of me and I managed a couple of shots.


I'm pretty sure that this bird is young one, and the other bird I saw was either an adult trying to move it on - or possibly a parent that it was mobbing for food. Either way it kept up its calling pretty continuously call for well over an hour.

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