Saturday, 10 October 2009

Return to the Rut

Today I'd arranged to meet a friend to take photos of the rut. The weather forecast was for solid overcast so we'd elected not to make too early a start. Of course the forecast was 100% wrong and it was a stunning morning. Then as I packed my bag I realised that I'd lent someone my 70-200mm lens, which meant I had no choice but to use the 400mm. Whilst this is a nice lens for the rut because it allows you to keep your distance, I generally prefer the flexibility of the 70-200mm with a teleconverter when photographing deer.

Their were a lot more stags out than the last time, but most of the action was deep in the long bracken. The smell of deer was very strong. By the sound of their antlers we located one pair locked in an extended duel. It was not really possible to get a good angle for photos - and when they broke off they emerged dangerously close to us - one leaping eight or more feet into the air to clear the bracken. It was an 'interesting' moment.

This was probably the best shot of the day. I'm not sure if this stag emerged the victor. He was very tired. I love the crown of bracken, and the steam of his panting. Shortly after this we lost the light for the morning.

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  1. Nice shot Ian...guess that extra 100mm makes all the difference!


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