Sunday, 18 October 2009

Diving Gannet

Having seen the gannets diving on Autumnwatch last night reminded me of an image I took on Mull but have not posted up so far. Over the week I was there I saw a lot of gannets diving along the cliff road by Loch Na Keal, but the weather was mostly too wet to even contemplate photography. The one day I did pass by and it was not raining there was just one gannet.

I watched it for about an hour and it was mostly too far away. I almost missed this shot as I was looking the other way as the gannet came closer. I turned just in time to see it do that little stall they do before drawing in their wings and plummeting like a Stuka. I fired off just three shots and this is the best of the bunch.

Not the best light, but I'm not unhappy with the shot. Now I need to find a friendly fishing boat and see if I can find them in larger numbers....


  1. Hi Ian,
    You just shot three times and you got that one! Gosh, this is what I call being efficient because this shot is just splendid. They do that so fast! and I love the angle you got on that one, it is just wonderful. Well done!

  2. Wow excellent capture!!! Takes skill to get a great shot like that in only three shots...impressive.

  3. most excellent. I would be happy with it too.

  4. Great site! I loved the deer was a pleasure to check out!

  5. Spectacular! Saw it in full res!


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