Sunday, 25 October 2009

Flights of fancy...

Yesterday I was back in Bushy Park. I didn't take many photos this time because I was doing some one-to-one wildlife photography training. The light was not the best for wildlife photography being a sold grey overcast. Conditions like that do, however, act as a giant soft box which does makes for interesting effects when shooting all white birds.

Towards the end of the day we were focusing on action shooting, so I headed to the main pond where people feed the ducks. There was lots of bread being thrown and the seagulls were very active, so whilst my client was occupied I grabbed a few shots myself. I now have rather too many flight shots of gulls - but I love the way that each new batch reveals new wing shapes and patterns. Here are a handful of my favourite shots from the day.

Black-headed gull

Angels Wings
Angel's Wings

Walking on Air
Walking on Air


  1. Beautiful photography. I like your work a lot.

    My birds are on My Birds Blog if you are interested.

  2. very nice photos!
    maybe one could do a whole alphabet with bird-poses... *smile*

  3. Thanks for the comments. Nice idea, dreamfalcon. I can see kittiwakes being a W but I'm struggling to think how to get a B. :-)

  4. Quantum Tiger well taken photos. These are some fancy flights. Anna :)

  5. Great photographic shots of the Gulls.


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