Sunday, 13 September 2009

Weather and Waders

My week on Mull was quite wet, and the weather prevented me from getting a boat out to the Treshnish Isles. It did not prevent a good time though - and in between the showers I managed a number of photographs. I spent the majority of the Thursday on the beach photographing waders. They were a bit flighty to start with, however, I knelt on the (very cold and wet) sand, and eventually they largely ignored me.

Fidden Beach is a beautiful Hebridean white sand beach. It had large numbers of dunlins, sanderlings and ringed plovers as well as a pair of bar-tailed godwits and an otter.

Uisken beach was a bit wilder (and rather smelly due to a dead sheep on the high-tide line). Here I saw more plovers as well as a number of white wagtails.


  1. Hi Ian,
    The wethear is bad here too, it is raining all the time... Congrats on your pictures they are excellent. I love these low angles pictures, I found the composition better this way! Well done.

  2. Lovely composition even though you had to kneel in the sand...worth it though you shots are fantastic. Good work :)

  3. Absolutely fantastic photographs. Three of my favourite birds! :)

  4. Nice wader shots, they look very similar to a lot of shots I've been taking recently too.........

    No Eagle shots from Mull?

  5. Thanks for the kind comments all.

    No eagles, no. I did see a couple of white-tailed sea eagles but nothing close enough for a shot.

  6. Excellent captures all Ian. I think the Sanderling is my favorite. The images are amazing when clicked on for the larger image.

  7. I love shorebirds and you've got some gorgeous shots of 'em.


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