Saturday, 19 September 2009

An abundance of butterflies

So maybe we've not had the best of summers, but it does seem to have been a good one for butterflies. On my recent trip to the Lake District I saw rather more butterflies than birds, which was a bit of a problem because I left my best butterfly lens at home! Taking photos of butterflies with a 400mm lens is definately possible, but it does make getting the right angles more interesting.

It was nice to see tortoisehell's again. It seems a long while since I last encountered one.

And the speckled wood was a new one for me - but there were a lot of them along the banks of Lake Conniston.


  1. Lovely shots even if you left your lense at home ;)

  2. Hi Ian,
    Do you have an abundance of birds too, because here it is not really the case! Well done on these shots, they are great!

  3. So perfect. Many times I get them with damaged wings. Anna :)


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