Saturday, 29 August 2009

Pre-trip optimism...

Looking out of my window this morning the sky is a cloudless blue, and low morning is highlighting the first tints of autumn in my neighbour's garden. After a grey few days it is a wonderful sight. It fills me with hope for the next few days. I'm off up to Mull for a bit and then coming back via the Southern Lakes. Very much looking forward to it all; but rather hoping that the light is good

I've just review my last my Mull shots. Some potential there in terms of subjects, buzzards, curlews, sea eagles, seals - but all uniformly drab and uninteresting thanks to unhelpful weather. Hopefully this year will turn up something more noteworthy!


  1. Ian hope you get good weather. We been having always unexpected, its almost impossible to plan, just do stuff on the fly. Hope all is well otherwise. Anna :)

  2. Hope you get decent weather this time round.........

    We spent part of our honeymoon on Skye. It rained a lot. At least the midges might relent by the time you go..........

  3. Weather has been variable - but some sun amidst the (heavy!) showers. Managed to get realtievly up close and personal with a wild otter yesterday - so am very happy. Shots will follow when I get a better internet connection!!


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