Saturday, 22 August 2009

Kestrels in the park

Having spent the last few days solidly in front of the computer working on a new project (of which more soon!) I decided to head out for some fresh air this afternoon. On arriving in Bushy park, I'd not walked more than ten yards from the car park when I spotted a kestrel. She was perched in some small trees and diving repeatedly into long grass.

So intent was she on her activity that she seemed oblivious to my presence. Over the next half an hour she treated me to a display of her hunting skills. I'm not sure if she'd had a hard few days, but she seemed to mostly be catching beetles.

After a while she settled down in a larger tree, and we sat and watched each other for a while before she finally disappeared off in a display of high altitude hovers and swoops. A good afternoon in my book!


  1. Hi Ian,
    Only ten yards. I've been walking km for a week without seeing any bird at the moment. They are all gone somewhere except the starlings and the redwings!!! Well done the shots are great!

  2. Excellent captures - and on my local patch too!!!

    I've managed a record shot of a Kestrel there, but none have been so close to. Well done!


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