Sunday, 9 August 2009

Omissions and errors

Not a great weekend. Visiting family so I didn't take a long lens. Today, however, Dad decided he wanted to go to Fowlmere. So we did. Only as I took a photo a red-winged moth did I realised I also had no compact flash card. Doh! Beginner's mistake! We narrowly missed seeing a kingfisher from the spring hide (as a guy with a 1D and 300mm f/2.8 was keen to show us). Great shot! I was jealous. Actually I'm glad we missed it because I'd have been gutted if it was there and I had no lens or memory! And then my car broke down on the motorway on the way home.

Anyway. In lieu of a real entry for the week, and as a way of destressing myself here is young herring gull which kept me amused for ages on Caldey Island. This little chap was very active. Trying all the time to catch flies. On occasion I think it even succeeded. I'd wandered down the path to try and get closer to some common seals and found myself in a gull colony. I sat down and after a while they just got on with life.

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