Friday, 19 June 2009

Reed Bunting

I've seen reed buntings on a number of occasions - but they've never been particularly cooperative. Either they're too far away, or they're deep within the reeds, making focussing almost impossible. So I was somewhat surprised to chance upon this male reed bunting sitting in a bush in full view at Lodmoor RSPB reserve in Weymouth. He seemed utterly relaxed with my presence, so I was able to take a number of pictures from different angles. This is one of my favourites because of the lovely glint in his eye.

Next week I'm off to South Wales - so, weather permmitting, I hope to pop across to Skomer and rendezvous with some Puffins...

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  1. Very nice picture. I love the sprk in the eyes. Let's hope you will get some puffin pictures next week. I hope to get some soon, but it looks like they have decided not to breed this year in iceland. They are still at sea and very few of them are in the nest!


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