Wednesday, 17 June 2009

BlogFocus 2: Kevin Du Rose

Welcome to the second in the series looking at the blogs of other wildlife photographers. This week is the turn of Du Rose's Digest, the blog of Kevin Du Rose. When I first stumbled across Kevin's blog I must admit my first thought was that I should just hang up my camera and stop trying. Kevin's photographs manage to capture everything I aspire to but rarely attain. A combination of great light, great subjects and interesting activity. Kevin really shows what a Canon 1Ds and 500mm lens are capable of achieving.

Perhaps my favoutite images from his blog are a series of short-eared owl photographs. This is a bird I have yet to see, let alone photograph. Kevin captures it perfectly.

Short-eared owl by Kevin Du Rose

Kevin's blog also showcases some magnificent flight photography.

Squacco Heron by Kevin Du Rose

With plenty more images like these, this is definitely a blog worth visiting!

Images in this post by Kevin Du Rose. Reproduced with permission


  1. Hi,
    Yes you're right, I also wanted to hang my camera somewhere and just cry!! Gosh he is just an artist, all these great shots with amazing DOF, beautiful light, wonderful composition....Perfect, thanks to make me discover his blog!!

  2. Nice portrait in the first one and a great timing in the second one... Great color and light in both of them! Nice work!


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