Monday, 6 April 2009

On the colours of spring

Over the past few weeks I have made a habit of wandering round the cemetery in Teddington at lunch-time. It has been interesting watching the transition of colours as spring unfolds. Starting with the understated whites of the snowdrop, moving on to the purples of the crocus and the yellows of the daffodils. Last week saw a beautiful eruption of cherry blossom pink, giving way to a purple haze of grape hyacinth. Today I did what I should have done ages ago and took my camera along with me.


  1. Hi That is a nice plant!!! It is nice to have some wlak habits, I have that too, I just do some patches not too far from home to be able to watch bird!!!

  2. Cemetary's are great places to view the abundance of life that nature has to offer. The burst of colour in life these days feels great.


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