Sunday, 26 April 2009

On Bempton Cliffs (Part II)

The cliffs at Bempton were crammed with kittiwakes, gannets, razorbills and guillemots - yet the question on every one's lips seemed to be "have you seen any puffins?". Compared to the sheer numbers of other birds they were few and far between. And yet with a little bit of patience they were easy to spot - their orange feet making them easily visible both on the wing and perched. They are beautiful birds - very photogenic - but personally I think I was more impressed by the more understated beauty of the gannets.

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  1. HI,
    Well I guess they are so cute. That's why everybody want a picture of them, isn't it. They are quite easy to reach in Iceland and are by the millions, all around. They are not afraid at all of humans presence, so easy to get pictures if you know where they are. I guess it is not the same on Bempton cliffs as you said that they were rare.


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