Sunday, 22 March 2009

On the need for cooperation

Two weekends with great light and no photographs to show for it. Last weekend I made the strange decision not to take my camera on my walk. This weekend I was visiting family and had no time for photography. Well. Almost. I did pop my camera on the tripod and leave it by the window to try and photograph the sparrows in the hedge. Of course, typically this time there were no sparrows in the hedge. Every other time I visit there are scores of them. This weekend I saw two - both on the far side of a bush with twigs in front of them. And I did see on blackbird on the lawn but my only photograph of him is blurred. Never mind. There is always next weekend.

I wish British birds were more like Falklands birds. They were so curious that if you sat around for a few minutes they'd come to take a look at you. Like this Cobb's wren on the beach on Carcass Island


  1. Wonderful picture of a bird that I did not know. It is nice to discover species y others'blog.

  2. I have noticed too that many birds in remote places do enjoy to people watch.

  3. It is so nice when birds are tame enough to approach you if you sit quietly. Had never heard of that unusual bird.


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