Sunday, 22 February 2009

On running on water

Yesterday I spent another couple of hours in Bushy Park practicing flight shots. It was a particularly good day to do it, because there was a lot of activity. In particular, with the first hints of spring in the air the coots were getting frisky. Every few moments a fight would break out and send a few of them literally running on the water.

And it wasn't just the coots. A couple of male mute swans wanted to get in on the action as well and race around the pond mowing down any unfortunate geese that happened to get in the way. Most amusing.


  1. Beautiful action shoots.
    I love your other birds in flight too.

  2. You don't mind if I'm envious,no?
    Well, off to train some more,... ;)

  3. No often do you see the large lobed feet of Coot above water. I particularly like the fight - chase shot. FAB

  4. Thanks for the kind comments.

    Nicole, loads of photographers I'm envious of. It's just another reason to practice! :-)

  5. I really enjoy taking pictures of birds taking off too. There is so much behaviour to take in through the entire process of becoming airbourne.


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