Friday, 2 September 2011

Migrant Hawker Dragonfly

Is it really six weeks since my last post? A combination of a few weekends with no spare time for photography and a couple of very good walks which yielded no photographs!

Today, however, I broke the dry spell. A fantastic, sunny exploration of Chobham Common in Surrey. It's a beautiful place. At first it seemed a bit quiet on the wildlife front. Eventually, however, I found an active selection of small birds. Stone-chats, various warblers, wood-peckers, coal tits and even a red kite.

Migrant Hawker Dragonfly

The highlight of the afternoon, however, was a happy half hour spent photographing dragonflies. I've always loved the coloration of the Migrant Hawker, but I've never seen one stay still long enough to get a photo. Today there were about three of them flying around one of the ponds, and pausing briefly to hover over the water. I wasn't 100% certain of the focus on the first few shots I got (the dragon-fly's body is longer than the depth of field of my 400mm lens at f/5.6) so I dropped the ISO and opened up to f/8 and was rewarded with this shot. Rather chuffed.

It looks much better if you click through to the larger image.

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  1. Very impresive dragon and so precise, really a charmer. I have missed your entries, always look forward to viewig them~


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