Sunday, 6 February 2011

Winter birding

This weekend has been overcast and windy. Not the best photography weather at all. But the birds were busy. In fact I think this was the largest number of species I've seen on a single walk since well before Christmas. Twenty-one in all (which is not bad for a West-London park I feel). The highlight of the day was definitely an extended sighting of treecreeper, a bird I see only infrequently and never to my recollection in that park.

The kingfisher flashed by and settled for a while, as did a female kestrel. Two greater-spotted woodpeckers made a flypast and a third settled in full view. Goldfinches were also out in force, interspersed with other finches. Sadly given the light I had to content myself with this one shot of another of my favourite birds. Long tailed tits seem to be getting more common and a lot bolder. This was one of a group which settled quite near me and popped up for a looksee.

Long tailed tit


  1. Very nice detail in this rather monochromatic setting. Glad to hear it was a productive day of birding!

  2. Beautiful image Ian, despite the bad weather conditions! Well done!


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