Saturday, 26 February 2011

Sanderlings and other shorebirds

On Friday I had a hankering to see the sea - so I headed to Littlehampton, intending to come back via Pulborough RSPB to take some photos. As it turned out, most of the day's photos were taken at the beach. It was low tide when I arrived and there was a large group of birds at the water's edge so I grabbed the camera gear and headed off to investigate.

Closer examination revealed lots of black-headed gulls, as well as herring gulls, oyster-catchers, knot and a large group of turnstones. Getting close to the first group, however, was problematical as an over-excited dog had the birds rather rattled. So I headed along the beach to a quieter spot and was rewarded by a smaller group of turnstones and a handful of sanderlings. Keeping quiet and laying low I let the incoming tide bring them to me, and spent a happy half hour or so snapping away.


Pulborough, in the afternoon was also busy - with lots of widgeon, teal and even a few pintails - but the light was fading and I didn't really try for any shots.

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  1. What a beautiful shore bird, love the textures that you captured, even with the subject blending so perfectly into the elements around it~


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