Sunday, 17 October 2010

Elmley Marshes RSPB - Lapwing

I think a need a manager. Or at the very least a navigator! I wasted a lot of time this weekend by being both disorganised and very lost. A sat-nav would not have helped much - as the location I was heading to was wrong in the first place. However, when I finally made it to Elmley Marshes RSPB reserve on the Isle of Sheppey I had a very good time. The replacement 400mm turned up on Thursday so I was eager to put it through its paces.

So far I am very pleased with it. I'm not sure I've quite got the 7D set up the way I had the previous one yet though. The morning was cold, dull and grey - but nevertheless afforded several shots of a lapwing (taken from the car on the drive in once I finally located the reserve!).

In the afternoon the wind got up and the sun came out. There were lots of waders on the mud flats. Most too far out for any decent shots, but it was great to see them and I enjoyed a happy afternoon watching them and the orbiting harriers. I got lost on the way home too, but that's a different story...


  1. Hi Ian,
    It is sometime by loosing your way that you found exciting and nice nature subject ;-) Especially birds. This lapwing shot is superb, and I guess you will be used to your new 400mm pretty quickly ;-)

  2. Really interesting looking bird. No equivalent where I live.

  3. The delightful Pewit ... nice one Ian

    If you ever need a navigator and a second pair of eyes then just shout (anytime), I'm not far away. Cheers FAB.

  4. The Lapwing is splendid and any venture out among the wilds would be a rather nice thing, so long as you stay safe~

  5. Me and you, I always get lost no matter what, lol. Once I made wrong turn on the toll highway, and was going 20 miles in the wrong direction, lol. Nice capture of the Pewit. Anna :)

  6. Getting lost is an adventure but disconcerting.

    Always enjoy your photos.

  7. Hahaha the trails of getting out and photographing. Still you managed a great Lapwing photo.


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