Monday, 1 March 2010

Stirred and Shaken

This weekend was a stark contrast. A lovely peaceful day on the banks of Loweswater on Saturday, and then a hair-raising high speed blowout on the way home. The former was fantastic, the latter miraculous. I've lost a tire on the motorway once before, but not quite so dramatically. This time the car just bucked under me, slalomed and refused to come back under control. My guardian angel must surely deserve a bonus, because by some miracle I made it over to the hard shoulder without hitting another vehicle, and ended up wrapped around a lamppost. I am very fortunate to have walked away from it with nothing worse than a bruised shoulder and jangling nerves.

My camera gear was in the boot, and given the state of the car it is a tribute to Lowepro bags that it was undamaged.

I haven't had a chance to look at most of the images yet - but this is probably the highlight of the Saturday. Quite an expensive image though given that it cost me my car. But I guess it could have been much worse...


  1. wow Your guardian angel surely deserves a bonus, and as you said, better to loose a car than to loose something else. You were very lucky man, and I'm happy you did not get hurt or with broken something....
    Your picture is really nice and I hope you will still enjoy the other pictures when you will post-treat them...

  2. Cars can be replaced. So glad to hear you are ok after such an experience.
    Smashing TC image. FAB.

  3. So thankful that you are OK, and that your camera equipment also survived. Sounds like quite a fright you had. Great little image you shared, look forward to more later~ Take care!

  4. Thanks for all the kind words. Its only really beginning to hit me now just how fortunate I was.

  5. Hey this bird 'Treecreeper' is such a cute and small bird..I must say that this is a nice and very close shot of treecreeper.

  6. Hi Ian. You have a great blog with a very beautiful shots! Congratulations from Portugal. Jorge Sousa


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