Friday, 29 January 2010

Red Pandas at Marwell

Today was another wet and grey day, so I decided to check out Marwell Wildlife Park, near Winchester. After a slow start it was a fun day. I think the highlights for me were the Arabian Sand Cats - which were beautiful (but in an enclosure too dark for photographs) and the Red Pandas.

On my first pass I walked straight past the enclosure because the Panda was not visible. It took me a short while to realise that it was up in the tree watching me. After that I spent a happy half hour with this most endearing creature. Utterly enchanting.


  1. Oh I love these Red Pandas and your image is great. Our local zoo used to house a pair and then they gave them away to another zoo, and we all miss them and their antics~

  2. I guess you were more than happy to spent some time with this guy!!! It is a very nice shot.... Well done, I would love to get them from wild although I've seen it in parks!

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