Sunday, 22 November 2009

Must resist temptation

Lots of rain here this weekend, so no chance to get out and take any pictures. I did have time, however, to read some camera reviews. It seems that the Canon EOS 7D is everything that I hoped that the 50D might be (and possibly a bit more). So now I have to resist going out and buying one. It would be easier to do if the 1D didn't keep playing up on me! Mind you if the prices drop after Christmas I might find myself caving in!

On the other hand I'd find it easier to justify if I was actually managing to get out and get some pictures! What do I want more? More time, good light or a new camera? Probably the first two...


  1. Hi Ian,
    yeh I guess we are all feeling the same... I'm actually probably going to receive a 50D for christmas... Was wondering also if it would be enough, knowing that the 7D is out, but man, they are so expensive! I guess the 50D will be enough and I would be more than happy to get it instead of my 450D!!!

  2. ...I'm okay with my camera, but I'm drooling over a Swarovski spotting scope. Hope your weather shifts soon. I've been reading about it in the newspapers...


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