Sunday, 27 November 2011

Brent Geese at Titchwell

The main reason for my recent Norfolk trip was to photograph Brent Geese at Titchwell. I saw a few in the distance on Monday at Snettisham, but on Tuesday there was not a single one to be seen at Titchwell. The light was not good either, so a return trip was called for. Two in fact. On Wednesday the geese were out in force - but so was the cloud (and the cold!). Thursday, however, dawned bright and clear. I spent most of the morning stood at the southern end of the west bank path with the sun behind me, as throughout the morning small groups of geese took off and flew across into the adjacent fields.

Brent Goose


  1. Geesh, what a smart shot, really fine!!!

  2. Lovely picture and awesome photography.

  3. Nice shot.... if there, you should go to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens to photograph the eagle pair that reside there. They are magnificent.


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