Friday, 28 October 2011

The silver lining

This weekend I was supposed to be meeting up with friends to walk in the colours of Forest of Dean, but my car had other ideas. So instead I walked my local patch, on what was a stunning autumn day. The kingfishers were out in force - but as ever too skittish for photos. I think I may have found the nest site though - so next spring with a hide, just maybe! A good day in all, with a sparrowhawk sighting, two pairs of goldcrests and loads of long-tailed tits.

Long tailed tit


  1. A perfect shot indeed.
    You run a really beautiful Blog.


  2. This is the second entry that I have viewed in recent minutes that is spectacular and most certainly would make a gorgeous Christmas entry and greeting;)

  3. Oh what a beautiful fall and bird photo at the same time. Glad that you were able to walk instead of driving, lol, results are stunning. Anna :)


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