Friday, 1 July 2011

Male Mandarin Duck

After Mary's comment about Mandarins looking similar to Carolina Wood Ducks I remembered this picture of a male Mandarin which I took back in April and had intended to use as a wordless Wednesday image - but somehow forgot about in the excitement of all the photos from the Farne Islands. It was one of those still, clear spring days where the sun is low and golden, and the ponds were mirror smooth. So thanks, Mary, and I hope you like the Mandarin!

Mandarin Duck


  1. What a splendid mandarin duck picture Ian. The reflection is fantastic and I like the way you omcposed, out of the photo rules ;-) Excellent!

  2. Exceotional, stunning, wow to get this marvelous duck not once, but twice in it's reflection ;)))

  3. Smashing reflection, mate!

  4. Great color!!! A great composition and a true sense of wilderness. Keep the good work! ;)


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