Monday, 18 April 2011


It's always nice to see woodpeckers, although they are much easier to hear than to spot. Recently however, I have come across a couple which seem less cautious than normal. This one I heard clearly hammering on a dead tree in my local park. It saw me approach and flew to a higher branch - but when I stopped to to watch, it returned to its original location and continued to peck away.



  1. Sometime they can be cooperative! but not all the time otherwise our hobby would be too easy and boring ;-) Well done on this nice shot Ian.

  2. I love Woodpeckers, even though one species in particular is naughty to our wooden home. This is one glorious image and I am so glad that you were able to get up so close...beautiful!

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  4. Ins't that amazing that each bird has 'its' thing, and the woodpeckers - peck on the wood. Excellent capture, love the setting. Anna :)


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