Saturday, 8 January 2011

Quantum Tiger Website Refresh

Well, its been a long time coming, but I have finally launched the new look Quantum Tiger Landscape and Wildlife Photography Website. Now, here's hoping that 2011 brings lots of opportunities to populate it with images!

In the meantime here is a golden oldie to pique your interest!

To the sea


  1. Ian, I love the new look!

    Also the penguins, which always are cute, but this is a great photo on top of that.

  2. Love the new look.. :) Hope to see a lot more amazing images from your end Ian.. & I finally found some1 still using the 20D, or atleast thats what the website said... :D
    Angad Achappa

  3. Thanks Wren & Angad. The 20D was in major use last year whilst the 1D was unreliable, but now that is fixed and I have the 7D as well, it is no longer even backup camera...

  4. Fantastic picture of a species I will probably never see ;-) Happy new year Ian

  5. Hi all,

    This is the new look of penguins,looking so cute. I love it......
    Wildlife Photography


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