Sunday, 7 November 2010

New forest deer

This Friday I made my way down to the New Forest in search of Dartford warblers. I didn't find any. Actually it was a pretty good birding day, with lots to see including bramblings, black caps, field fares, red wings, a sparrowhawk and a buzzard amongst other things. Photography-wise it was a bit of a wash out though. Generally grey and dull with intermittent rain.

The only decent shot of the day was this chance encounter with a young stag near Rufus Stone. I think it is a fallow deer?

Young stag


  1. DonĂ°t know what deer it is, but it is a beautiful picture Ian... Kind of hard to get nice shots nowadays with the hunting and the winter ;-)

  2. Ian, I love this image, it seems so calm under your camera clicking and it is really lovely~

  3. It,s a young fallow buck,a pricket?,no more than 2 years old and seems very used to people.Nicely composed,i like the 2 trees on the right which look like deers legs....

  4. Wow this is one beautiful portrait!
    Anna :)


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